Wednesday, January 6, 2010

List of candidates released

Monday was the last for citizens to file a run for office in the March primaries. Several decided to run, some such as Councilman Hector "Tito" Garcia, Elda Rivera and former Sheriff Juan Garza decided against a run. Here's the final list:

WEBB COUNTY JUDGE::: Danny Valdez (Incumbent), "Tano" Tijerina, Andres "Andy" Reyes and Louis H. Bruni are confirmed to be running

COUNTY COMMISSIONER PCT. 2::: Wawi Tijerina (Incumbent), Jose Salinas and former Commissioner Judith Gutierrez

COUNTY COMMISSIONER PCT. 4::: Sergio "Keko" Martinez (Incumbent) will run for re-election, Jaime Canales will also run as well as former city councilman Juan Chavez.

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, PCT 2, PLC 1::: Ramiro Veliz (Incumbent), Daniel "Danny" Dominguez, Victor M. Schunior, Ricardo Urdiales and Santos Benavides

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, PCT 2, PLC 2::: Ricardo Rangel (Incumbent),

COUNTY TREASUER::: Delia Perales (Incumbent) and Jose A. Valdez

COUNTY CLERK:::: Margie Ramirez Ibarra (Incumbent) and Longino "Lonnie" Garcia Jr

JUDGE, 49TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT::: Joe Lopez (Incumbent)

JUDGE, 111TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT::: Adriana Arce-Flores, Monica Zapata Notzon and Jesus "Chuy" Dominguez will run as Raul Vasquez retires

JUDGE, COUNTY COURT AT LAW NO. 1::: Ben Morales (Incumbent)

JUDGE, COUNTY COURT AT LAW NO. 2::: Jesus "Chuy" Garza (Incumbent)

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE PCT. 1, PL. 2::: Oscar R. Liendo (Incumbent) and Margarito Benavides

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE PCT 4::: Oscar O. Martinez (Incumbent) and Vicky Cantu

WEBB COUNTY DISTRICT CLERK:::: Jackie L. Ramos, Esther Degollado, Lydia Liendo Parra and Sylvia Palumbo will be running as Manuel Gutierrez is retiring

DEMOCRATIC PARTY CHAIR:::: Sergio Mora (Incumbent) and Rolando Herrera

Alvino "Ben" Morales does not have an opponent for County Court at Law 1 Judge, as well as Jesus "Chuy" Garza, State Rep. Richard Raymond and Congressman Henry Cuellar will be unopposed for their primary.

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