Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pre-Election projections

Laredo Watch is making several projections for this Tuesday's election day primary in several key races. Please keep in mind to vote if you have not as your vote can decide who gets to represent you for the next four years. Many races will have a run-off.

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WEBB COUNTY JUDGE - A run off is likely to occur. Danny Valdez, the incumbent and "Tano" Tijerina will face off in the run-off, while Andres "Andy" Reyes and Louis H. Bruni will finish third and fourth.

COUNTY COMMISSIONER PCT. 2 - Wawi Tijerina the incumbent, Jose Salinas and former Commissioner Judith Gutierrez are facing each other. This race will most likely see a run-off between Wawi Tijerina and Judith Gutierrez, though don't be surprised to see an upset second place by Salinas.

COUNTY COMMISSIONER PCT. 4 - Sergio "Keko" Martinez (incumbent) faces Jaime Canales as well as former city councilman Juan Chavez. In this race another run-off is likely to occur. This time between Martinez and Canales, Chavez will garner third place.

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, PCT 2, PLC 1 - In this five way race a run -off is destined to be seen. Ramiro Veliz, the incumbent faces four challangers, Daniel "Danny" Dominguez, Victor M. Schunior, Ricardo Urdiales and Santos Benavides. A run-off is likely to occur between Veliz and Urdiales. Dominguez will be in third place while Benavides will garner fourth place.

COUNTY TREASUER- Delia Perales (Incumbent) and Jose A. Valdez face each other. No run-off here, in this race Perales has the advantage.

COUNTY CLERK- Margie Ramirez Ibarra (Incumbent) and Longino "Lonnie" Garcia Jr are head to head in this race. Ibarra has the advantage though don't be surprised to see an upset by Garcia who is stronger this time since the last time he ran.

JUDGE, 111TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT- Adriana Arce-Flores, Monica Zapata Notzon and Jesus "Chuy" Dominguez are running here. Another run-off is likely to occur. Arce-Flores and Zapata-Notzon will have to face each other in the run-off.

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE PCT. 1, PL. 2- Oscar R. Liendo and Margarito Benavides face each other. Liendo will win in a landslide.

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE PCT 4- Oscar O. Martinez and Vicky Cantu face each other here. While Martinez faces his toughest re-election yet, he will win another term.

WEBB COUNTY DISTRICT CLERK- Jackie L. Ramos, Esther Degollado, Lydia Liendo Parra and Sylvia Palumbo are running as Manuel Gutierrez is retiring. Another run-off is likely to occur here. Ramos and Degollado will face each other in a run-off election.


  1. Please be fair on Justice of the Peace Pct.2 Plc 1 , Dont force voters to vote. Keep on eye on pct2 plc 1. "Dont buy votes" or buy food for people!!!!

  2. The elections are done and Judge Veliz and that Dominguez guy are headed to a run-off on April 13th. Now I know that the people that are supporting Judge Veliz are playing nice, but those people supporting dominguez are not. Now I'm not complaining but if thats the way ya'll want it, its on!!!! I am all for justice there for I SUPPORT JUDGE VELIZ!!!