Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zetas plan to make Nuevo Laredo their base of operations

Several news sources say that Zetas have moved out of Reynosa, Mexico and going into Nuevo Laredo. intelligence sources say the group wants to take over the city and make it their base of operations.

700 Zetas from around Mexico are joining the 500 already brought to the area last week. This week The U.S. Consulate General's office has already confirmed a gunbattle in Nuevo Laredo. It's happening near Boulevard Colosio and the city's zoo. the consulate general's office is telling all U.S. citizens to take shelter until the fighting stops.


  1. xeso Mexico nunca va progersseasr

  2. Well what a shame .. once a place to walk freely now our young cant even see the culture, nor heritage of being mexican is. Violence over money and greed o well guess having no moral values for a dollar or peso drives you to do the stupidest things.. serving in over seas to feel ashamed to be from a border city ... Wish our local law enforcement would stop the if i know you your hired stuff and give real troops, and marines a chance to protect and the border missions are a joke, honestly better to be out there with a reflective vest and a water gun. God bless us for what that is worth..