Monday, June 14, 2010

Politicos start campaigning

Numerous candidates running for city office in the November elections have started placing banners and signage in walls announcing their names and office they are running for. An example cited is the race for Laredo Mayor, Councilman Gene Belmares and Mayor Raul Salinas are two candidates who have placed their names upon walls and billboards.

Current city ordinance makes it illegal to post campaign material several months before an election. In an interview given by another media outlet, Belmares and Salinas said they were against this ordinance and is their first amendment right. Other citizens say they agree but candidates should still follow the law. Some say if the ordinary citizens are told to respect a law or city ordinance in effect, our leaders should too. City officials, meanwhile say they will try to repeal or amend this ordinance and have no plans to give citations to candidates.

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