Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Firefighter indicted for assault

33 year old Laredo firefighter Marcos Gomez has been indicted by a grand jury for assault causing bodily injury. The incident took place April 24th and it involved him and his wife. A relative of the couple reported the assault to police. The incident took place at their residence on Kingwood drive.

Gomez is currently on suspencion pending the outcome of the case, according to fire department officials.

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  1. So how does this work. a firefighter gets suspended and its all over the news. But when a district fire chief(Rolando Rangel)that has been arrested at least 2 occasions for stalking and assault. He got suspended a month ago and there's nothing in the news about this mmmmmh could it be Laredo's politics?? it doesn't seem fair to me for this other firefighter(Marcos Gomez) Why is the Fire Department protecting a District Fire Chief and not a firefigter? could this be descrimination maybe? .....