Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LISD to form alternative high school

LISD Board of Directors discussed a new high school for students that have already dropped out of class and want to return to their education.

"This high school would be designed for the student who has dropped out of an LISD high school and decided that was a really bad mistake and they really want to come back into school and earn their diploma", Veronica Castillo of LISD said. The high should be up by next year and expects close to hundred students in the inagural class. Meanwhile, UISD officials are also working on a similar venue.

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  1. Which in turn will require more money, more teachers, more books, and place to teach. By the way, where's the money coming from? That's right, THE TAX PAYER. That's life, you made the mistake, YOU pay for it. You want a second chance, take the GED